Ernest L. Martin wrote The Temples that Jerusalem Forgot, which proves from scripture and ancient historical documents that the so-called Temple Mount in Jerusalem is not the location of the Old Testament Temple, but rather is the remains of the Roman fort there.

Ernest Martin was formerly a leader of the heretical Herbert Armstrong World-Wide Church of God but left when he realized through study of scripture that the church teaching was seriously at odds with the Bible. He has come to his own conclusions from Scripture without much influence from Christian tradition,  and thus has a unique point of view.  He now teaches strongly that Jesus is God become a man (denied by Armstrong), but has 2 serious errors in theology:  He teaches that 1) the Holy Spirit is not a person (cf Matt 28:19; 2 Cor 13:14; Heb 3:7) and 2) every person including Judas and Satan will enventually be reconciled to God (cf. Matt 26:24; Rev 14:9-11;20:10). The 1st error is much more serious than the second because it causes him not to experience the Spirit, and thus is a stranger to the New Testament.

Despite the errors above mentioned, I think that Dr. Martins lectures are valuable. He treats some scriptural subjects more honestly than many and is very knowledgeable of ancient history and archeology. We would not hesitate to listen to a rabbi concerning the Old Testament, so I think we can learn from Dr. Martin.

Having been impressed by Dr. Martin's book, The Temples that Jerusalem Forgot, I bought a bunch of his audio tapes off of ebay, and here make them available to the body of Christ.

I think the best way to listen to these lectures would be to download them and burn them onto a cd data disk as mp3's and listen to them in the car while driving. They don't require much concentration. This requires that your car cd player supports mp3 format.

To play, just click on the links below. To download, right click on the links and pick "Save Target As".

Babylon in Prophecy - Very good. Gives secular history of Babylon. Shows that Isa 13 and Jer 50-51 have not yet been fulfilled. He thinks both refer to future events. I believe Jer 50-51 only refers to Cyrus' destruction of Babylon in ~500 B.C., but with the end of it not fulfilled until near the end of this age. I believe Isa 13 refers to both the ancient event and to th 1990 Gulf War, with some yet to come.

Biblical Astrology - OK. Pictures that tell stories of the past. Cannot predict future.

Anatomy of the Cults - Interesting perspective from WWCG experience. Says cultish way comes from believing that your group is the only true church, causing you to think that you are better than others.

The Significance of the Day of Trumpets - Says the patriarch Joseph was exalted on this day according to Genesis and Psalms. Covers the Jewish calendar, but not complete.

Biblical Meterology - good. 1977. Dr. Martin was a meteorologist. Tells how climate has changed since Biblical times and will change more.

Disobedience to God's Law can be Obedience to God - very good. Shows how showing mercy takes precedence over some laws.

Book of Ecclesiastes - 1977. Interesting. Simple. Don't take life too seriously.

Freedom and Responsibility - 1977 - Emphasizes individual responsibility to an extreme, I think. Minimizes the importance of the church life.

Geography of the Holy Land - 1977 - not much

God Can, Does Bless His People Now - 1977 - It's ok to leave an "only true church" group.

Iran in Prophecy - Some good history of Iran. Most of his interpretation of prophecy here is wrong. Thinks Iran will destroy Babylon the Great because of Isa 13. He thinks Bablylon the Great is the physical city of Babylon in Iraq. ( I believe Isa 13 refers to Iran massacring Iraq).

Jeremiah - Did he go to Ireland? - good facts about Jeremiah. Commissioned to go to all the nations. Was alive at least 26 years after the captivity when Jehoiachin was favored.

What is the Kingdom of God? - not much. Says the kingdom of God means different things in different contexts.

Who is the man of sin? - 1977 - not very good. Martin thinks the man of sin is a false messiah and therefore a Jew. (The man of sin is not a Jew - Dan 9:26-27)

The Megilloth in Prophecy - Interesting. Ezra ordained (not in Bible) certain books to be read at each festival: 1) Song of Songs at Passover - Christ's courtship of His people. In early spring. 2) Ruth at Pentecost. The time of barley harvest. 3) Lamentations on Tish b'Av. 4) Ecclesiastes at Tabernacles. 5) Esther at Purim. Each signifies: 1) Christ's 1st coming. 2) the church age. 3) The great tribulation. 4) The millenium. 5) the last battle with Gog and Magog.

The Most Difficult Chapter in the Bible - on Colossians chapter 2. Most absurd message I have heard from E. M. Perhaps he is losing his mind here. Says that the handwriting in ordinances which was against us was the letter from Acts 15. Shows how a smart man can deceive himself so. It shows what a stranger he is to spirit of the New Testament.

The New Geography of Palestine - OK. The importance of geography. Recommends MacMillan's Bible Atlas.

The Passover Contradiction - interesting. Deals with the apparent contradiction between the Gospel of John and the 3 synoptic gospels in the time of day that Jesus was crucified (Jn 19:14-16; Mk 15:24-25, 33-34; Matt 27:45-46; Lk 23:44). Points out possible symbolic meaning of John's timing, but gives very wrong explanation of the apparent contradiction. Martin thinks that John fudged the facts in order to fit a symbolism.

The Bible, The Earth and the Universe - scientific facts about the earth and the universe in the Bible. Covers Job and Ecclesiastes. Relates Matt 24:28 & Luke 17:34-37 to Job 39:27-30.

Prophetic Countdown to Christ's 2nd Coming - quite different from conventional Christian view in details, and some of it seems absurd now. Covers Zech 12-14, Luke 21:29-32. Dan 7. Thinks Cyrus who commands the temple to rebuilt is yet to come. Probably not much value. May cause you to notice some verses that you hadn't paid attention to before, such as for me Luke 21:29-32.

Religion is Slavery, Christianity is Freedom

Should Christians Participate in Politics? - very good. Fulfill your human responsibilities

The U.S. and Britain in Prophecy - 1977 very good proving that U.S. and Great Britain are not tribes of Israel.

The Bible and UFO's - 1977 Interesting. Martin was an Air Force meteorologist stationed at Roswell, NM. He saw a UFO. Could not explain. Thinks it was something natural. From his experience, people see what they expect to see.

Unknown Parts of the Bible - Interesting. Parts of Bible ignored by Christians and Jews. i.e. Proverbs by Agur. Thinks he was a gentile.


The Soviet Union in Prophecy - 1982 - excellent, but with mistakes, of course. Predicts the fall of the Soviet Union. Says, with good Biblical support, that Gog is Antichrist.

Who was Judas Iscariot? - 1982 - Some weakly supported unimportant details about Judas. Contradicts scripture (Matt 26:24; Mk 14:21) in that he thinks that Judas will be reconciled to God.

Galatians and the Old Covenant - by David Ord - Excellent testimony of how this WWCG leader was led by the Lord to see what Galatians meant regarding WWCG's practices of keeping the Old Covenant feasts.

There are others which I have converted to mp3, but did not create a link for. For a full listing of all my Ernest Martin mp3's, go to I have some more good ones, which I didn't convert to mp3. Contact me if you would like others posted.

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