Psalm 150 Halelujah! Praise God in His Sanctuary
I did not write this arrangement. I learned it in 1977 in Hong Kong during a church trip to the far east. I memorized it then.

It is a chant. Here is my voice singing it.
v3 - the Hebrew word for trumpet is shofar, a ram's horn. A diffferent Hebrew word is used for the silver trumpets in Num 10:2.
The psaltery was larger than the harp. It had 12 strings which were plucked with the fingers (Josephus, Antiquities 7. 12. 3).  According to the Mishnah, the its strings were made of the large intestines of sheep (Kinnim 3:6).
The harp is the 1st musical instrument mentioned in the Bible (Gen 4:21). It is the instrument that David played.

The important place afforded music in the worship of God shows that God responds favorably to manís communication with him in music and that God communicates to man not only cognitively but also in his emotions. - Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament (TWOT)
v4 - timbrel is a tambourine
Dancing is joyful (Ps 30:11; Lam 5:15)