Psalm 29 - The Lord's Voice Makes Hinds to Calve
I think children could sing this psalm and enjoy it. Just be simple and enjoy it.
This is good to sing during a thunder storm, like the camp hymn "I've seen the lightning flashing".
v1 - The only other use of the phrase "sons of mighty" is Ps 89:6, where it refers to angels, as it does here.
"mighty" is the Hebrew word elim, meaning "mighty" or "gods". This word, as it is here in the plural, is never used to refer to the true God. It's singular form, el, can mean God, a god, or mighty.
v2 - "beauty of holiness" could also be translated "beauty of consecration".
While v1 is directed toward angels, the rest of the psalm seems to be directed towards us men.
v3 -  The thunder indicates a great storm.  
v5-6  - It seems a shame that the Lord's voice would break the beautiful cedars of Lebanon and on Mount Hermon, which is Sirion (Deu 3:8-9). The majestic things that we admire are broken by the Lord in storms, bringing us back to Him.
Perhaps the cedars on Mt Hermon were like the giant Sequoias in California, which only grow on mountains. Lebanon's climate is like California's. Sequoia wood breaks when it falls, so in a great storm, the giant pieces of wood would bounce around like calves and buffaloes.
v7 -  This is similar to separating our soul from our spirit and the thoughts from the intents of the heart. (Heb 4:12) 
v 9 - The Lord's voice brings things to fruition.
This is my favorite verse in this psalm.

If we are abiding in the Lord's temple, the church, we will genuinely praise the Lord in the storms. To abide in the Lord's temple is to abide with the Lord and with all other believers, not just those with your view.
Once another brother, Steve Bradshaw, and I had a summer job delivering samples of New Era laundry soap in Cleveland.  One day while we were delivering, it rained golf ball sized hailstones. Steve B. and I were spontaneously glorifying the Lord for the awesomeness of it. Another young man came back to the truck cursing because of the hail. Later that summer, this young man got gloriously saved at a gospel meeting which I invited him to. He told me then that when he saw us praising the Lord in the hail, he had resolved right then that whatever the two of us had, he wanted it.
v11 -  The Lord gives His people strength and peace, especially during a storm.

-copyright Steve Miller 2012
written 4/6/2012