Psalm 6 - Overcomer - Lord in wrath rebuke me not
The 3rd Psalm to the overcomer. Lord, correct and rebuke me, only please not in Your anger.

I love this psalm for when I am afraid that I may have angered the Lord. This prayer is not self-justifying.

v1-2 - When others think I have said something seriously wrong, but I think I spoke ok, the tendency is for me to harden my heart against the rebuke of the others. This is a time when I like to sing these verses. Lord, rebuke me, but not in anger. Rebuke me in Your mercy.

v3 - "how long until" says that the Lord will answer in His timing

v4 - We need to pray for the Lord to turn, not just for Him to do things. For the Lord to turn means for it to be His will.

v5 - Esteem our portion of remembering the Lord and thanking Him as important.

v6-7 - I have never cried like this, and it is very rare for me to cry at all. My emotions may have been dumbed down by my past. But my wife has cried like this most of  the night due to the suffering of one of the children. Her crying feels like it was my crying.