Psalm 6 To the Overcomer with stringed instruments, on the eighth - A Psalm through David.
(tune #545 When This Passing World is Done
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1 1 LORD, in wrath rebuke me not,
nor correct in anger hot.
2 O LORD have mercy on me,
O LORD heal, for I am weak.
For my bones are trembling,
3 and my soul exceedingly.

2 And You, O Lord, how long `till?
4  Turn, O LORD; rescue my soul.
For Your mercies' sake save me.
5 In death none remember Thee.
In the grave, who will thank You?
There'd be no profit to You.(1)

3 6 I am weary with groaning.
All the night my bed's swimming.
While my heart's pain I pour out,
I with tears dissolve my couch.
7 My eye wastes away through woes.
It grows old from all my foes.

4 8 Depart from me, all of ye
workers of iniquity.
For the LORD my voice has heard,
weeping mingled with His word.
9 My petition the LORD hears.
The LORD will take up my prayer.

5 10 Let all of my enemies
be ashamed and vexed sorely.
Let them go back to their place,
suddenly and in disgrace.
Be ashamed, all my foes who
have naught else that they can do.(2)

1. Ps. 30:9
2. Ps. 25:3

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