Psalm 9 - Overcomer - Virgins for the Son - I will praise the Lord with my whole heart
This is the 5th Psalm for the Overcomer. Praise the Lord with our whole heart concerning His judgment.

If we can do this, we must be virgins for the Son. (Rev 14:3-4)
The Hebrew words for "Virgins for the Son" are "almoth leben". Almoth is the plural of almah, the same word for virgin in Isa 7:14. The root of the word means hidden or unknown. An almah is both a mystery (1 Sam 17:56) and innocent (1 Sam 20:22).

In v1, David says that he will recount all the Lord's marvelous works. But those marvelous works are not what we would think. The Lord's marvelous works are His judgments (vv 3, 7, 8, 16, 19) and His faithfulness to His suffering saints (vv 9, 10, 12, 18).  The Lord is made know by His judgments (v16), which thought is followed by Higgaion, Selah - dwell on this for a long time.

There are 2 prayers: v13 & vv19-20. The prayer in v13 is followed by v14 in which David gives the Lord a reason for lifting him out of death's gate: That I may show forth all Your praise in Zion. We should all tell this to the Lord, and have this expectation that we are a profit to the Lord (Ps 30:9-10).

Most Psalms end with rejoicing or thanking, but this Psalm ends with a prayer for the Lord to arise and put the nations in fear.
v1 In seeking God, in crying for His help - each time it must be with my whole heart.- Andrew Murray
v3 - Whenever chaos seems to be prevailing, remember that the Lord is sitting on the throne, righteously judging. (Ps 22:3)
v9 - This verse is one of my favorites. Times of distress are coming, eventually the great tribulation. We may be left on earth during it. The Lord will still be our refuge and not forsake us. Let us learn to take refuge and trust in Him now, in hope that we would be counted worthy to escape that time (Luke 21:36).
v10-11 - This is what to do during times of distress.

v12  - Many saints will be martyred during the great tribulation (Zech 13:7c-9).
v13 - a good prayer for the time of tribulation
v14 - We should justify our requests for the Lord to save us with this kind of reason. It is from the Lord's point of view, for His purpose, not just to have mercy on us.
The "daughters of Zion" in this verse are the "virgins for the Son" in the Psalm heading.
v15 - The world will reap what they've sown. We are living in the world, so we will suffer too.
v16 - This is the only Higgaion Selah in the Bible. Higgaion means meditation (Ps 19:14; Lam 3:62).
The only other use of the word in the Bible is in Psalm 92:3.
v19-20 - This prayer will keep you from conforming to the world.

updated 10/30/09
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