Psalm 14 - Overcomer - The fool has said in his heart there is no God
The 9th psalm for the overcomer. The overcomer realizes among men there is none good, not even one, nor himself.

In Luke's gospel, when Peter is called to follow the Lord full time, he says to the Lord, "Depart from me, for I am a sinful man." (Luke 5:8).  Luke purposely puts Peter's calling out of chronological order (cf.  Luke 4:38-39; 5:12-13; Mark 1:16-20, 29-31;), and places it right before the Lord's cleansing and healing of the 1st leper, a man full of leprosy.  After we are called by the Lord, we realize we are full of leprosy which symbolizes sin and rebellion.

v4 - The Lord would still save the workers of iniquity if they would turn to Him by calling on the Lord.

v7 asks the question, Who shall give from out of Zion the salvation of Israel? This question is partially answered in the following part of the verse, but like many questions in the Psalms will be more fully answered in the following Psalms.

The answer to this question is the Messiah in Psalm 16. Because no one understands, does good or seeks God, God will send the Messiah out of Zion to bring salvation to Israel by freeing His people from the bondage of sin.

-updated 3/3/2011