Psalm 15 A Psalm through David

(tune: #142 Crown Him with Many Crowns)
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1 Who will sojourn, O LORD,
in Your tabernacle?
In the mount of Your holiness,
who shall forever dwell?
2 He that walks perfectly,
and working righteousness,
and speaking the truth in his heart,
shall dwell in blessedness.

3 He slanders not with tongue,
wrongs not his own neighbor,
and he lifts not up a reproach
against those who are near.
4 In his eyes a worthless
person is not esteemed,
but those who fear the LORD he'll bless,
and honor gen'rously.

 He swears to his own hurt,
and still he does not change.
5  He gives not out his own money
for interest in exchange.
Against the innocent,
a reward he'll not take.
Now he who really does these things,
the world will never shake.