Psalm 4 - Overcomer - In my calling, answer Thou me
The first Psalm written "to the overcomer".  God answers our calling upon Him and hears our prayer.  We are not to be controlled by anger. These two go together.
Psalm 4 is one of my favorites. It is good to have this one memorized for the time when you are too angry or upset to sleep.  When I was making a song out of this Psalm, I was struggling with how to render verse 4.  I didn't like the verse, and I didn't know what it meant. I wanted to render the first part, "in your hearts confess", or "your own hearts examine", and the last phrase as "in the stillness". But all of these were definitely not the meaning of the Hebrew.  I asked the Lord what it meant and why He said it in the Bible.

Then, that night, there was a terrible explosion of hate and anger against me.  I ended up calling the police. Not only was the person who exploded hating me, but others were condemning me for calling the police, and for sleeping at such a time as this. I could not sleep. Then I was just reciting Psalm 4 as a song over and over, and telling the Lord everything. That is when I came up with "in your hearts say it" for the translation of verse 4.

v6 - When we are angry, or when there seems to be no hope, what we need is for God to lift up the light of His countenance upon us.

v7 - One of my favorite verses.

Some think that this psalm was written by David when he was fleeing from his son Absalom. They think this because Psalms 3 and 7 take place then, so they guess that all the intervening psalms between 3 & 7 take place during this time. I do not think David could say what he says here in v7 at the time when his son Absalom is trying to kill him.