Hannah's Song - 1Samuel 2:1-10
I think this wonderful song sets the theme of both books of Samuel.

v1  - Similar to Mary's praise in Luke 1:46-7
Hannah's song starts with her horn lifted up in the LORD and ends with the LORD lifting up the Messiah's horn (v10).
1Samuel 1 record that Hannah's rival wife, Peninnah, taunted her for being barren. There were probably others who taunted her too (1Sam 1:4-7).

v2  - The rock is what you can depend on to lean on when climbing out of a miry pit (Ps 40:2).
v3 - Hannah did not multiply her words against her enemies when her mouth was opened wide over them in v1. Rather she rejoiced in God's salvation.

v4  - Eli and his sons were the mighty, but are to be broken (1Sa 2:31). Hannah was stumbling in her barrenness, now girded with strength. David also stumbled but repented and was girded with strength. Those who are counted worthy (Luke 21:36)  to be raptured before the great tribulation are saints who stumble the way David stumbled (Zech 12:8). This is a theme for the whole book of Samuel.

v5  - This was fulfilled in v36 of this chapter.
There are 3 contrasting conditions of people:
strong vs stumblers v4
full vs hungry v5
barren vs her abounding with sons v5

v6  - This was fulfilled in vv34-35 of this chapter.  
v7 - There are 4 contrasting things the Lord does:
kills and makes alive v6
brings down to Sheol and brings up v6
makes poor and makes rich v7
brings low and lifts up v7
This is related to how they honor the Lord (1Sam 2:30).
v8 This is Hannah's experience.
v9 - The same God who set the world upon its pillars, also keeps His saints' feet.
v10 This happened to Eli's house.
This song begins with Hannah's horn exalted and ends with the Messiah's horn exalted. Our horn is exalted in the Messiah's horn.
The last sentence of this song is from LXX.

- copyright Steve Miller 11/5/2022