Psalm 5 - Overcomer - In the morning You will hear my voice
The 2nd Psalm to the overcomer. The Lord will hear my voice in the morning. In the morning I will order my words unto Him and watch.

heading - The Hebrew word translated "the inheritances" only appears here. LXX translated it as "her that inherits".
Also, the preposition "toward" or "unto" is only used in a Psalm heading here and in Ps 80:1 "To the Overcomer, toward lillies, a testimony through Asaph, a psalm". To indicate a tune "upon", is used. To indicate an instrument, the preposition "in" is used.
If we order our words to the Lord every morning, that will be a great help toward us receiving the inheritance.

v4 - The reason I order my words to the Lord every morning and watch is because God does not take pleasure in wickedness.  He hates wickedness done "for His purpose".

"Evil can't sojourn with You" is a sobering word to cleanse my heart to start the day.

v7 is the first mention of the Lord's house and temple in the Psalms. By the Lord's great mercy, we are in the church. In  the church we fear Him more substantially than we could individually, and in His fear in the church we worship Him with a view toward God's goal, the built up Body of Christ, which includes all born-again Christians, not just those who are with us.

"In Thy fear I worship toward Thy holy temple" - Our worship should be in the fear of God and with a view to God's dwelling place. Modern Christian worship with loud music is not conducive to the fear of God. It is possible to be in the fear of God in that environment, but the appearance is the opposite, telling new believers to worship without the fear of God.

v8 I need to remind myself each day, that we have an enemy.
To withstand the enemy, we pray for the Lord's righteousness to lead this day.

v9 - Quoted in Rom 3:13

v11-12 Rejoice with all those who love the Lord's name, under His covering grace.

updated 1/23/2013