Psalm 5 To the Overcomer, toward the inheritances. A Psalm through David

(tune #1058 Rock of Ages
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1 O LORD to my words, give ear.
My sighing, do consider.
2  Hear the voice of my crying,
O My God and O my King (1),
For to Thee I pray, O LORD,
trusting in Your faithful word.

3 In the morning, by my choice,
You will daily hear my voice.
I'll order in the morning
words to Thee, while I'm watching.
4 For You are not a God which
Takes pleasure in wickedness.

To Thee evil can't draw nigh.(2)
 5 The proud won't stand `fore Thine eyes.
All lawless workers You hate.
6 Liars You'll annihilate.(3)
The LORD abhors utterly
the deceitful and bloody.(4)

7 But I, in Thy great mercy
enter in Thy house to Thee.
In Thy fear I worship Thee
toward Thy temple holy.
In Thy church I worship Thee,
with a view t'ward Thy Body.
8 Thy righteousness, LORD, lead me,
because of my enemies.
Make Your way straight `fore my face,
9  for their mouth contains no faith.
Their inward parts are depraved.
Their throat is an opened grave.

With their tongue do they flatter.
10 Judge them, God, in this matter.
Cast them out according to
the transgressions that they do.
Let them fall by their counsels.(5)
For against Thee they've rebelled.

11 All who trust in Thee rejoice.
Let them ever raise their voice.
And You cover them, and they
joy in Thee, that love Thy name.
12 For the righteous You will bless
and will shield him with Your grace.(6)

1. Lit. my King and my God
2. Lit. sojourn
3. Lit. destroy
4. Lit. bloody, deceitful man
5. Comes before "Cast them out" in text
6. Lit. surround with grace as with a shield

-copyright Steve Miller 2010

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Romans 3:13 their throat is an open sepulchre; with their tongues they have used deceit; asps' poison is under their lips: